Aaron Adams is a character from Spaceship 537. He is portrayed by Armie Hammer.


Spaceship 537

Aaron Adams was one of the students that were chosen to go to an unknown planet where was possibly life on. He chose the side of John Shaw when the crew members choose sides. After the fight, he wanted to go in the escape pod with John Shaw, Easton Grace, Victoria Sinclair, Eric Wright and Miles Cole. But Markus Wood shoots him in the leg and he stayed on the Spaceship 537. They put him in a cage for his betray. Joshua Johnson wanted to kill him. When it's night and the group goes sleep, Adams wanted to escape, but the locker was too strong. The next day, the group reached the town and a fight with Shaw's group started. In the beginning of this fight, Markus Wood and Alexander Burns wanted to use Adams, but Shaw threw a bomb on the cage. Wood could save Caroline Livingstone who was lying on the top of the cage, but Adams died. The whole cage was exploded and lots of parts of Adams were lying around the cage.

After the fight, the Quetirians took the parts of Adams. When, Saxario, Wood and Livingstone were walking through the town, the parts of Adams were seen and almost put back in a human.




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