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(Main Title)

Diana: {narrates} Life is our purpose, right? Mmmhmm. Asking ”what is the meaning of life” and all. Let me ask you something though. What do you want to be remembered for? Me? Well, I got to think about it. So, we have personalities when we were born, right? Yep. Haven’t you ever wonder how personalities were made? Well, by souls! “What makes you say that” you ask? Well, watch the whole thing and you..will know.

(New soul plays)

(Diana soul (Past) comes out)

Diana (past soul): Wh-where am ?

Garry: In the great before.

Diana (past soul): It-it looks nice. But... What is the meaning of life? Are we here for a reason? Is there a point to any of this?

(Diana looks around)

Diana (past soul): Oh. Hi I’m-

(a soul pushes her, whom to be Macy’s past soul)

Diana (past soul): Ok, see ya. Oh, hi I’m... I don’t know.

Soul: I’m max

Diana (past soul): Ok. I don’t know what mine is.

Max (past soul): I think it could be...Diana! Diana Madison.

Diana (past soul): Cool!

(Diana continues to look around)

Diana (past soul): Oh, what’s this? “Help those who struggle to go to earth”, that seems interesting.

(Diana tries to find souls who are struggling to go to earth)

Diana (past soul):

(it is time to go to earth)

Diana (past soul): H-hey, scuse me, coming- (gets pushed)

Macy (past soul): Get lost, loser!

(Diana decides to find her way to earth another way)

Diana (past soul): Scuse me sir but, I need to get to earth.

???: Oh, um....

Diana’s birth


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