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A Goofy Movie




  • TBD as Goofy
  • TBD as Max Goof
  • TBD as Pete
  • TBD as Roxanne
  • TBD as PJ
  • TBD as Principal Mazur
  • TBD as Stacey
  • TBD as Lester
  • TBD as Waitress
  • TBD as Miss Maples
  • TBD as Photo Studio Girl
  • TBD as Lester's Grinning Girl
  • TBD as Lisa
  • TBD as Tourist Kid
  • TBD as Chad
  • TBD as Possum Park Emcee
  • TBD as Mickey Mouse
  • TBD as Donald Duck
  • TBD as Security Guard

Additional Voices

  • TBD as Loch Ness Monster
  • TBD as Grizzly Bear
  • TBD as White Rhinoceros
  • TBD as Turkey Vultures
  • TBD as Bigfoot's Mother The Bigfoot's Parents
  • TBD as Bigfoot's Father The Bigfoot's Parents
  • TBD as Bigfoot's Brother The Bigfoot's Parents and Family
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