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• 12/29/2017

Disabling anonymous editors [Voting]

<div class="quote">blog:BertH/Anonymous editing and your community|announced on the Staff Blog]], that allows anonymous editing to be disabled on a community. We want to use this thread to discuss some related topics:
*What does anonymous editing bring to your communities now, if it’s available there?
*Why don’t anonymous editors create accounts?
*What would motivate them to create accounts, besides disabling anonymous editing altogether?

For those of you in communities who plan to disable anonymous editing, or if that’s happened on your community already, please let us know about how the change affected your community.
*Was it beneficial?
*Was there a change in activity level immediately?
*What was the level of activity a few months after the change?

This thread can keep going as long as people want to keep posting. Hearing about the experiences of some communities may help others with their decision about whether to keep or disable anonymous editing.
You can write "Support , Because-Reason" or "Oppose, Because-Reason" .
The deadline for voting is January 30, 2018. When an admin might or might not flick the switch depending on registered users votings.
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• 7/13/2018
can i get a rip in the chat bois
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