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Forever Sonic & Godzilla
• 8/29/2017

My rating systems idea.

My system to replace the current one:
G: General
-Slapstick violence.
-Can include up to 4 uses of mild profanity.
-Can have up two mild innuendos.

PG: Parental Guidance:
-Can have up to 30 uses of profanity
-Violence can look like superhero movie violence.
-Can have at most 20 mild innuendos.

No PG-13, that's why I'm making this new rating system.

R: Restricted
Basically the same as today.

What do you guys think? I'm new here, but have many film ideas to share with all of you.
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Forever Sonic & Godzilla
• 9/4/2017
Some of these guidelines are pretty vague and aren't very compatible with current MPAA ratings. We actually don't have any guidelines as of now, but threre might be some soon.
• 9/4/2017
This would be like the ratings system back in the 80's. For example, all the superhero films would go under the PG rating, and the crude rom-coms would go under the R-rating. The PG's could have up to 30 uses of B words, D words, even 30 uses of S-words. They could also have suggested offscreen strong violence.
• 9/4/2017
Except PG movies don't have that many uses of moderate swear words. They only really have two or three. Think about it - let's say an 8-year-old when to a movie theatre to see a movie that caught his eyes. However, while watching the movie, he heard 30 uses of "shit." I don't think that would work well. If 30 uses of "shit" were used in a PG-13 movie, then yes, that would be fine. PG movies should have two or three uses of moderate language.
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